Impact windows and Doors

Impact Windows and Doors


Impact-resistant windows and doors are more affordable than ever. They are are accessible to homeowners looking for strong, quality products with a high value. While covering openings with plywood or shutters may be the most economical way to protect a home, this protection often requires immediate action by homeowners in the last moments before a storm. Impact resistant windows and doors offers a lifetime of security and storm protection.

Top benefits of getting Impact windows and Doors

  1. Some of the greater benefits of impact-resistant windows are permanent protection against tornados, storms, and hurricane at any time.
  2. Its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces.
  3. One-time installation
  4. Insurance Discounts
  5. Noise Reduction
  6. UV Protection
  7. Appearance

Why Impact resistant glass is so important?

Much of the damage that can occur during a hurricane is the result of the home's having an impact fracture such as a broken window or a failed door. Impact fractures during violent weather can result in rapid air movement and catastrophic pressure equalizations to the home.

Impact-resistant windows and doors with laminated glass reduce the likelihood of an impact fracture during a high windstorm, keeping air pressure out and the home safe.

Opening in windward wall

Failed windows and doors compromise a homes structure. When pressurized outside air rushes to find low-pressure pockets of air and expand, the force may be enough to physically blow off a roof.

Fully enclosed building Premium Coastal

Windows and doors are tough. Their durable interlayer can withstand tremendous blows from flying debris, thus reducing the chance of an impact fracture. With the building envelope intact, the likelihood of a catastrophic structural failure is reduced.

Impact Window & Door Models

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