City Requirements and Permits


A permit brings you the service of Plans Reviewers and Inspectors who are experts in their field. In addition to giving advice, they approve each phase of your project, checking to see that the work is done by the code and the approved plans.

Permits are required for the replacement of windows and sliding glass doors, as well as screen enclosures, storage sheds, and carports of canvas or metal.

There are a lot of requirements that need to be met before starting a work that needs a city permit. American Aluminum Fabricators has experience dealing with this, we specialize in commercial and residential projects. We will be your partner in the whole installation from start to finish!

Permit processing Inquiry

If you don't see your city or municipality on the list please write it down below as well as any questions you might have.

You need a permit for your specific town

The first step in this process is obtaining a permit for the install. Although all towns require this as the number one step, you need to double-check with the specific application and codes unique to where your home is. Although a majority of the codes and requirements are the same, there are some differences between cities within Florida as to what is necessary for a home or structure to be considered “safe.”

Download your City permit

Filling out an application

Once you figure out the specific permit requirements, you need to have all of the information about the work you want to have done. The information that you will need for an application includes permit type, type of property, square footage, and the reason you want the permit.

Drop the paperwork at the Building Department

Regardless of where you live, you need to take the filled out application along with the upfront fees and submit them to the building department in your city. Most of the time this department is located and your town’s city hall building. You will go to a permit counter where you will hand in the notarized filled out and signed application and two sets of plans of the work to be reviewed.

Get approved

The process to get your permit could take a good amount of time, especially if you are filing your application at a busy time. This is why planning ahead becomes a vital part of this process. If you plan to have your application submitted well before the hurricane season, it could make this process faster. Your application gets reviewed by a few different departments before it can get approved.

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We specialize in hurricane shutter installations as well as sliding glass walls, aluminum and glass doors, and custom-designed pieces. So if you’re looking for any of these improvements for your home, contact us today!

Average Cost of Building permits in Miami-Dade & Broward

Building permits can be tricky to price because it depends entirely on which types you need for your project. Below is the average costs you can expect.


Flat Fee of $1,200

Additional Fees $_______ (To be determined based on specific city requirements)

Total Process Varies by client


Tarifa $1,200

Cuota Adicionales $________ (dependiente de los requerimientos de la ciudad)

Total del proceso varia por cliente


Contractor Fee $400

Building Permit Application (Building Dpt. Commute/Processing/Intake/Finalization) $230

Notarization $10 per page

(2) Wind Load Calculation Forms $100

(2) Sketches showing the locations of the shutters $100

Liability Insurance (Provided by American Aluminum Fabricators Corp.) $200

Notice of Commencement (Provided by American Aluminum Fabricators Corp.)

Survey of home (Provided by Client)

Permit Processing Time and Transportation Fees $160

** Please note that this checklist is not intended to be all-inclusive. Due to changes in codes, regulations, and ordinances, other requirements may apply.

****Permits can anywhere from 30-60 days to process and get approved.

2018 Building Permit Cost Statistics

The national average cost of a building permit is $1,043, with most homeowners spending between $400 and $1,687. This data is based on actual project costs according to HomeAdvisor members. Depending on the area, they may be required for additions, renovations and even electrical or plumbing projects.